Monday, 31 July 2017

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Hello! Welcome one and all! In case this blog goes quiet (ie Google locks me out as they enjoy doing occasionally), find me at :)

Saturday, 27 May 2017

The STFW series; analysed

Blimey, 80 people have filled out my feedback form. Can't believe it, thanks everyone - I hate filling out forms, so how you lot have managed is quite amazing!

So here's some of the findings:

Here are some of my favourite quotes from the form (hope you don't mind me publicising them, it's all anon so pliz don't take offence!). If you don't see your comments there I'm sorry - there were literally HUNDREDS of comments so I've just picked some of the funny / entertaining ones:

... gotta love butt sex


  'Blue Steel' is still one of the hottest things I've ever read ("This is gonna happen" floating like a whisper – genius), because at first she verbally teases him out of his sexual shell, but then comes BACK and delivers so beautifully, and you stay with it all the way through Xho's first fuck

 (Yeah those moments in real life are so special, makes your heart hurt)

I enjoy shiny tight clothing

 (*nods sagely*)

"The Spymaster" still has one of my favorite moments when Zan wakes up with Tom already on her and she just has a "Meh. Just another Tuesday" attitude about it.

 I've thoroughly enjoyed their perverted jolly through space!

But seriously more incest.

 (More?! I think you'll like comic 20)

BTW I'm not nuts - I realize it's just a comic.

(Don't worry I have to say that too sometimes)

Best: quiet ones becouse it was longest. I literary cum bukets with this one. I love your work, but this one was obviously best

(haha gross!) 

Blue Steel, hands down, for the feels it reminded me of. You have no idea of how special (oh, wait, you have) can it be for a shy dude when a girl just comes up and ''breaks you out'' of it. That chapter was all about that, and even if there was almost no Ix there, it was the best.

(Thanks yeah, tbh I was actually thinking of my real-life elder sister as Zan's character in that one; she's got that quiet authoritative thing going on) ... (not that I've done anything with my actual sister, or I have a thing for her, you understand O_O)

... fun, interesting and sexy as well as intriguing well written and boobs.

(... and boobs. haha! I want that on my gravestone :)

1. long dick 2. pretty girl 3. romantic side


Space Tits, accidental boner rubbing on sisters tits.

(Yeah I made that whole comic purely for that moment haha! Seems lots of people like that moment from the whole series...)

The scene where Ix gets stunned and silent with a dick in her face gets me every time. I think it's that fact that the characters are actually genuinely shocked by something sexual that makes that scene particularly attractive.

The scene with IX & XHO in the ducts was absolutely one of the sexiest I've ever seen.

The maintenance shaft scene is amazing.

Maybe if you get tired of the boning, try your hand at a more serious story or something; that'd be neat.

(Get ... get tired of boning? :)

The Quiet Ones is also the best depending on the mood, there the build up, antici... 

(anticiWHAT? Will I ever find out?! Arrghh!! #metajokes)

And when it finally happened it was like BOOM like you know, whoa that was intense. (By the way, if you were to ask Ix and Xho about their opinion on what's the best comic, what you think they would say huh?)

(I think they'd say why didn't I make a whole comic purely about them boning on the Wraith after comic 19! Of the options, probably Shadows and Dust, because that's when they're flirting most and everything's will-they-won't-they, whereas comic 20 they stop flirting and get down to business. Sexy business.) 

Those times when the situation gets...cozy? When either plot tension or sexual tension had broken, but there's still a sense of a general cuddle-buzz among the crew. Those are the best scenes

(I think you'll enjoy comic 20)

It's the Englishness of it, in this Americanised genre. 

 (Cor blimey mate! I couldn't write it any other way eh what what?! Get a bloody wriggle on me ol china) 

More group sex.

We need an orgy for the finnale

More orgies!

(I dunno guys, there's a foursome near the end of the 3rd comic but I just didn't find it sexy. That's why they stop. It's probably just me, I don't find orgies a particular turn-on, sorry)

Wishing I could get a bunch of signed solid comics or maybe a one big hardcover because they are special to me.

(Yeah I wondered about printing them out as bound glossy A4s, that'd be so cool. Once the series is done it might be time to print for posterity. I probably won't though. Probably wait until I'm 70 years old and fancy flicking through an old project while sitting on my ocean liner)

Mixing eroticism, plot and humour in a porno is extremely unusual talent on the interwebs; you are one of the best (This is not hyperbole!). However your longer comics don't necessarily grab me as being hugely greater than your shorter one's. I think you need to experiment with your format and how you release work so as to better pace yourself

 (Thanks dude, and yeah I know you're right about the pacing thing. I find it really difficult to get any plot/intensity into a sub-40 page comic though, so have got into the habit recently of just diving into the weird little world I've created; I think getting an emotionally-engaging story into a short space is a seriously genius skill I'd love to have! I think I fluked it for A Fairy Good Deal - that one was short and punched above its weight)

I would like to see gifs in the comics.

(Yeah me too! Can't be bothered! :)


... seems to be missing from the entire beauteous saga.... Tit-sucking.

(Yeah. There's a tiny bit in comic 20, but not much. I dunno; I'm not really into it, I guess it just comes down to that  :)

... we here on earth have quite a few issues with properly pronouncing Xho's name. Or otherwise it's just a German thing not knowing how to pronounce it correctly [...]  my mind's like "X.H.O." like his name is a chemical notation (that the right word?!) like H2O or CO2 you know?

 (Hah! I've always thought it was pronounced like 'So' but with a softer S. In fact a German-accent pronunciation of the English word 'So' would be slightly 'Zo', that's how I'd say it :)

(And Ix is pronounced just like the ix in 'mix', the rest are obvious I think)

idk honestly this shit is gr8 and i'm too busy fapping to think clearly lul

... I have a thing for Xi a massive thing for her.

( OK, and I'm sure she'd like to see it, but if you call her 'Xi' it'll be an elbow in the face I'm afraid. Just a heads-up :)

... love to see a small stand alone of Xho and XI in the Wraith

(So would they)

a close-up or two, mebbe some x-ray of ix and xho doing it

(Near enough:)

You are definately thinking of all the angles of the story as well as poses and the bajillion other little things it takes to make the comic work! The devil is in the details i suppose, I'm starting to feel like a gushing fanboy...

(Gushing fanboys always welcome :) 

The longer one focuses on a certain project, the more likely one is to lose this special spirit that had made everything so far so absolutely unique.


So much fapping! ! !


More sex (always)


I love it when they kiss, and I love it when they say I love you.

There's nothing else like your stories — no one else like you — out there, in the vast fap-i-verse, anywhere

Long time fan keep up your amazing work, we love you :)  

There are very few narratives of comparable quality out there.

(thanks guys)

I really believe they love each other.

(At the end of the day, that's what it should all be about :)

So, thanks for all the comments - the suggestions and helpful critical feedback as well. Thanks for taking the time out to write a little something and put so many votes up for your least/most favourite comic. You can see from the bar chart (gotta love a bar chart, right?!), that #19: The Quiet Ones outscores any other comic by miles, which I agree with; I was pleased that one came out as ... fappable as it did.


Comic 20 is now at 170 pages. Not quite time to get excited yet, but we're getting closer.

Monday, 22 May 2017

General Erection.

Spoiler alert: there will be nudity in the upcoming comic! SHOCK!

Ah well, some sex going on between Tom and his good friend Zan isn't a particularly big spoiler. So here's a few random renders to celebrate that this is the biggest comic I've ever worked on! Yay! 165 pages now pretty much in the bag, so a personal best. Wait a minute ... Personal Best ... PB ... Project Bellerophon ... COINCIDENCE?! Anyway screw it, I'll aim for 200 pages all-in as that's a nice round number :)

Thursday, 18 May 2017


OK, blimey, thanks everyone who filled out my form (it's not too late  if you missed it) - I've had 47 people so far write great big generous gushing reviews of my work, which is really rather kind of you all! Makes me realise that people like my comics, which I kinda knew but it's always nice to have it so rambunctiously spelled out. So ... thank you!

What a kind and polite lot you are!

I'll write about the findings soon - it's been really interesting to see how people rated the different comics; I was surprised by how many scored certain

Monday, 15 May 2017


I figure all the best people learn from others; those who think they know everything tend to be dicks (sorry, but you know ... it's true!).

So to that end, and before I splurge the final chapter comic on the internet and piss off / sublime into the ether, here's a proper chance for you to be heard! Super simple (and anonymous) form below - please let me know what are my best/worst comics and why, any frustrations, any memorable peaks for you? TEACH MEEEEEE! (if the form below breaks, please use this linky)

Fill it out more than once if you change your mind, just be honest is all I ask pliz! :)

Saturday, 13 May 2017

The problem with anonymity

So I've been emailing this guy for quite a few years now, his handle on this blog was Tittilywinks (some of you will recognise that name). He's a great guy and always polite/mature about stuff, always able to give sensible/encouraging feedback which is a blessing.

Anyway he emailed an apology months ago for not being in touch for a bit because he'd been in-and-out of hospital with a certain quite scary-sounding thing, and has now gone totally quiet.

Shit. I mean, I know online anonymity is useful in keeping personal life separate in this sort of erotic-comic type scenario, but sometimes I wish I knew who people actually were in the real world so I could get in touch another way.


I hope he's ok :(

Makes me think how fragile these little anonymous online relationships are ... how there's no substitute for reality really.

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Glossy Wossy Num-Nums

I've been experimenting with shiny skin ... FOR SCIENCE!!!!

OK, there's no point really. Anyway, I've done a few scenes with some sweat going on, and in order not to give away spoilers I've re-rendered this old pose from comic 19 FOR SCIENCE!!!!!

For science, I tell you.

Turns out (literally science, this bit) that anistropic is the way forward when it comes to sweaty/shiny skin. I'd always thought you just used 'glossy' (one of the standard shader settings, like Blinn (?) or Phong (?!). Seriously, who comes up with these shader setting names? Must be a mathematical thing. Lambert - that's another one. I know lambert means matte finish, and blinn seems to as well. JUST USE NORMAL WORDS you flippin software-creating weirdos.)

Aaaaanyway, I'm back in the blog - you noticed. I've been locked out for over a week cos Google thinks I'm Vladimir Putin. I promise I'm not.

So how've we all been?

Thinking of releasing some skin textures, lighting and scenes from my comics, anyone interested? Bit of an effort so not sure I'll bother.

Anyone in touch with The Genie? Know who I mean? Boerny - need to give him a heads-up when comic #20 comes out, anyone got an email or whatever? I mean, assuming he's not in some North Korean jail or whatever.

Wednesday, 26 April 2017


Never really got on with that cabin onboard Tom's original ship 'Chugger' - I think it was probably the very first thing I'd made in 3D. I mean it's fine, but the original renders show how basic it is - almost no textures, low poly, bad/cold lighting. Compared to the Wraith bunk scenes (which use an amazing 3d prop by Stonemason), you can see how n00b my first 3d work is.

In fact halfway through Space Trek Fleet Wars (comic 1), you can see the lighting hugely improves when I'd realised you could have raytraced shadows from spotlights! It's just at the beginning of the sex scene with the blue character Twill: - the shadows and 'depth' of the scene improve noticeably.

So here we are - for these renders I downloaded the

Friday, 21 April 2017


OK this is an image from page like 80 or something, but it's not particularly a spoiler because there are JUST SO MANY SEX SCENES!!! AAARGHH!!!! It's not even the hottest sex scene in there, not by a long shot. WOAH. IKR?!

Basically, everyone does it with everyone else, so it's hard to give anything away. Apart from the plot, but we're not going to go into that because that's the interesting bit. That and the boobies. And the bums, willies, etc etc.

Sitrep: 100 pages done, just one or two group chats left, a few more 'snuggling up' scenes (just sounds nicer than calling them sex scenes), and a conclusion. And an epilogue - gotta have

Wednesday, 12 April 2017


In the long tradition of providing teasers for what I'm working on, without actually spoiling the plot or any nice surprises, here are some clay renders. In fact screw it, here's all the ones I've shown over the last few years.

Love these things, don't know why; maybe it's the pure form and lighting because they remove all

Thursday, 6 April 2017


I think this next comic's going to have more everything than any comic before. I was going to say "more sex scenes", but thinking about it, it's got more action-y plot too, and more stupid jokes, and more characters, and more ... well, everything.

Apart from awkwardness. That all reached a climax in comic 19, eh. So we're thin on awkwardness, plenty of everything else.

Anyway. In these renders, we're playing with a cotton top for Zan (see renders below). Not that cotton's quite so glossy, but I chanced upon some great material while setting Hayley up in the Wraith, and thought I'd stick that cotton top on Zan. Doesn't work quite as well though - I think it's the

Monday, 3 April 2017

Back in the saddle

Hey! I've done 60 pages of the new comic; fairly ploughed through a batch this week, which is nice. Looks like it's set to be another big one, this; easily over a hundred by the time I'm done, though gladly most of the plot / complex group scenes are finished in the first 60 pages and it's mostly chats and general nudity / finale to go now.

Oh no, wait a minute, there is one complex group scene coming up. Ah well, most of the difficult stuff's done at least.

And there's a few nice chuckles in there; I literally giggled out loud putting the words on a page today, which is always a good sign. Although that said, it might just be me thinking I'm funny, and that's always a bad sign, so I guess we'll have to wait and see what the rest of the internet thinks.

Ah, Luce. Looking pretty mean there love.

That's the pre-render for a redone version of where Luce goes into Slowtime. She's involved in a space battle again so I have the excuse to re-use that lovely scene in the Wraith. I just liked the lighting and camera angle from the end of Space Tits Ding-Dong Rub-A-Dub, where Luce injects herself with the Slowtime drug.

This time around we'll skip the injection but catch her having a high-speed

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Looking up

Fun to release hints of the upcoming comic without giving too much away. I'm really pleased with the lighting and form on this render of Becky though. And the pre-render visual thing below doesn't give much away either. I mean, that could be Victor or Tom on the left, and Becky or Hayley on the right, and you can't tell where they are either. Could be a spaceship, a field, a bowling alley, on a canadian canoe, anywhere. Who knows, eh? Exciting!

So (onto a slightly more substantial topic..) it occured to me a while back, while writing this comic and the ones leading up to it, that the hotter of my comics (to me, at least) have been the ones with at least a bit of a meaning. You know, approaching some sort of theme or challenge.

Think it's like that with erotic/porny stuff; if it's totally meaningless sex then all you can hope to achieve is it looking nice. But if there's actual story, I think the hotness gets far greater potential. I mean, you can still cock it up, but the potential's there at least.

Comic 20 brings together two

Monday, 6 March 2017

Have spacesuits will travels

Bit of a play around for an upcoming scene in the hard vacuum of space; a few renders of a be-suited Ix, ready for space combat fun-times pew-pew!

OK, I cheated and combined a few freebie spacesuit props, but tbh for zero pounds and a little tweaking I'm pretty pleased with the result.

Friday, 3 March 2017


No reason, just ... you know. Quite a cool angle. Love the pre-render calculation thing.

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Stress renders go go go!

Stress rendering. Huh. Forgotten about that whole thing. It's not like I've been stress-free for months, I guess I just coped with stress differently. Took it somewhere else.

Anyway, that's what I'm doing. Panicking a bit about a presentation I've got coming up. So let's ignore the real world, and play with escapism and the comic a little...

Quick question: that guy who did all the Marvel comics (sorry noob question) - I'm sure I saw a quote from him which said something along the lines of "A good storyline is one which has a hidden meaning" or deeper meaning or something - or "A good comic is one with a serious purpose" - can anybody tell me what the quote was? Stan Lee - that's the guy - anyway I can't find the quote anywhere, just loads of crap about great power / great responsibility.

The renders: Xho's vest top says 'Born to be F...' something. Sadly, it's not 'fucked' - I think he's too polite to wear a top like that, the font alone is

Wednesday, 22 February 2017


Wait ... the blog's back open! Yay! Welcome, one and all.

After a few months I've come to the conclusion that I WILL DO the next comic: #20.

This means the series won't end on a "What happens to Fabuloso?" cliffhanger, but will be better wrapped up and completed as I intended all along, which is good and will tie up the entire secret hidden plot line all the way back to comic #1. Exciting! But just to be clear; there won't be any more comics after I've done #20. I mean, there will generally be comics made by people on the planet, just not me :)

So ...

Wednesday, 26 October 2016


While we wait for some big turds to roll to a complete stop in my life, and while I take some time to decide what to do with the comic series; to complete it or to just let it rot at 19, this blog is being mothballed.

I would turn it off, but then Google does that thing where it says "You've been locked out", and that's no fun, so here's an empty holding blog while the jury's out.

Creating art (any art, even dodgy erotic comics) is a seasonal thing. Muses come and go, rate of production or just inspiration wax and wane. This is normal. My blog's been closed before, the content deleted. It's just as likely I'll return in 6 months and release comic #20, as it is that I totally table-flip and delete everything. The art will still be art, the fantasy still fantasy, nothing stops creativity it just shifts about :)

Wednesday, 19 October 2016


No particular reason, just Zan.

Thinking maybe the comic should simply be the adventures of Zan as she travels through our own galaxy and gets to know different humans, maybe comes across the occasional betentacled alien species and helps them chill the heck out.

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Oh Tr*mp

(NB. I wrote this in Oct 2016...)
Oh America, what are we to do, eh?

So, quick sitrep:- 'Brexit' was sold to UK voters on demonstrable lies, by genuine shits who then resigned (Farage, Johnson). And as we begin to unpick what Brexit means for the nation, the Bank of England estimate £66 Billion will be wasted annually going forward, which is one almighty ongoing kick in the bollocks. So we have a plan based on lies, destined to definitely cost the nation everything it has.