Thursday, 7 September 2017

Free stuff! Free scenes! Free Dee! FREEEDOMMM

I've packaged a bunch of my 3d Poser scenes up, and in line with my general style of being a generous and exuberant mother fucker, I'm giving them away for free! Yay free stuff!

I mean, I realise I could sell this type of thing, and my comics, but the thing is, money is silly so I avoid it. Spend your money on something else, people! Buy yourself a miniature guitar or a plastic donkey or a mug that changes colour when it gets hot or something*

So the download below includes the first scenes I'm giving away: the Bunk (slightly ... err ... used), the Bamboo forest, and 

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

What humans want

In that old not-great-but-actually-quite-good-and-maybe-great-if-you-squint  film, 'What Women Want', we follow a classic Alpha Male (ie. douchebag) type as he gets his brain bust-up and learns, in fact, that he needs saving just as much as anyone else. And in doing so he finds love, family and freedom. Huh. Interesting, that. 

Sounds familiar (*cough cough Major Tom*)

Been thinking about it recently (not because I have thing for Mel Gibson, you understand...

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Deep questions and ideas and feedback gogogo

Hello the internet!

Someone asked me the following: "What character or characters do you feel you most relate to within the comic? ... was there one that stood out most in relation to you?"

I've touched on this a little before - that every one of the characters represents a different part of me; the bravado (Tom), the comfort-seeking and slightly defensive (Becky), the wide-eyed experimental (Hayley), the damaged/traumatised (Lucy), the mental health problems (Victor), occasional badass (Ix), the shy prude (Xho) and on a good day; the loving, gentle, compassionate, free-thinking Zan.

Having completed the final comic, I'd have to say despite feeling mostly like Becky or Ix throughout the comics, for

Sunday, 6 August 2017

Extras DVD: deleted scenes and top secret development website

Warning: Contains spoilers. If you haven't read Comic 20 yet, do that first. Done that? Great! Want more? Yay!

Head over to the Script Development website which has been secret and locked until now, where you will find all manner of goodies!

I guess if I come up with more ideas or whatever I might add them to that website :)

Saturday, 5 August 2017

Comic 20: Project Nemesis

The final chapter in the Space Trek Fleet Wars saga is here!

256 pages, a ridiculous number of sex scenes, some proper stupid banter, and a buttload of greatness. My final STFW comic took a lot of work and a lot of months, but it's sooooo good to finally get it done. Followers of the blog will know I ummed and ahhed about just closing everything and not doing it at all - hopefully from the comic you'll see why I thought it needed doing. I wrote the entire thing about 4 years ago, and had it sitting there as the final script while I did the other comics leading up to it. Didn't want to rush it, and glad I didn't, in the end. Good times.

So it's a story that brings Tom well and truly back into the limelight, solves

Thursday, 3 August 2017

[Bumped post] Looking up

Fun to release hints of the upcoming comic without giving too much away. I'm really pleased with the lighting and form on this render of Becky though. And the pre-render visual thing below doesn't give much away either. I mean, that could be Victor or Tom on the left, and Becky or Hayley on the right, and you can't tell where they are either. Could be a spaceship, a field, a bowling alley, on a canadian canoe, anywhere. Who knows, eh? Exciting!

So (onto a slightly more substantial topic..) it occured to me a while back, while writing this comic and the ones leading up to it, that the hotter of my comics (to me, at least) have been the ones with at least a bit of a

Monday, 31 July 2017


Hello! Welcome one and all! In case this blog goes quiet (ie Google locks me out as they enjoy doing occasionally), find me at :)

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Drum roll ... the next comic will be called ...

 ... Project Nemesis! What the ... I know, right?!

All the rendering's done; it's 256 pages! Perfect techie/binary-friendly number to end on, there. Only jobs left are (1) the juicy, spermy, drippy bits, and (2) a read-through to spot any errors. Shouldn't take too long but (1) always takes a week or two - so don't hold your breath juuuust yet.

Anyway, here are the first two pages of comic 20. As it's so bloody long, I've split it into Acts like a long play. Gives the audience a chance to go for a piss, get another few beers. And in this case, maybe mop up a bit. Seriously, if you thought comic #19 was good (which I did), this one is literally

Friday, 14 July 2017

The Final Straight

It's a bit of a misleading picture this, cos it's really just a lighting test, and doesn't appear in the comic anywhere. Straight-to-blog type thing.

But rest assured: (1) There will be epic, I mean literally epic, amounts of nudity in the final comic. Just unprecedented by a factor of at least three. (2) There will be great big colossal volumes of sexiness. Just totally unheard of amounts. (3) There are some decent gags in there, even quite

Thursday, 29 June 2017


VOTE! I can't decide which of these colours works best for Luce's strapon so feedback gratefully received.

I might not put it in the comic at all (let's be honest, I just wanted to play around with a dildo), but last night I read through comic 19 and saw there's that little reference to Luce's toy right at the end there, which would be quite handy as there's 5 girls and only 3 boys on the crew, so we're a bit short of cocks, if (for example) everyone was going to get some action at the same time. Unless we use Zan's appendages ... anyway, just playing about with ideas really ...

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Fannying around

Well I've been very, very busy. Basically making some tie-chord pants for Becky. Very busy.

Must be some way of writing these new knickers into the comic somewhere, eh? I mean who pulls pants on and off, right?! What is this, Dickensian Englande? Much more fun to spend HOURS fiddling with stupid bloody lengths of string attached to a tiny 'H' of fabric, right? Right.

Sunday, 11 June 2017

Strong and stabelol

Haven't blogged for a little while, been too stressed with the General Election to focus on real life. I mean fake life, comic blogging, shenanigans etc. Even sex; I actually haven't had sex for OH GOD IT'S BEEN WEEKS HALP MEHHH

So ... ahem .... blimey, let's defbrief on what's going on in ruddy bloomin old UK, eh? WELL, when you get to the stage that the Red Cross, UNICEF and Amnesty International calls your government twats, and your Prime Minister says "Hey, we don't need the stupid Human Rights Act!" and "Let's censor the internet and get rid of encryption!", their true colours start leaking out and the nation returns a fabulous headbutt.

Lovely! Delightful turn of events tbh.

Why this current chaos is wonderful: (1) If you government is so powerful it can ignore the opposition, that's not democracy it's 'strong man' politics which, as Kazakhstan will tell you, isn't exactly a joyously productive state of affairs...

Saturday, 27 May 2017

The STFW series; analysed

Blimey, 80 people have filled out my feedback form. Can't believe it, thanks everyone - I hate filling out forms, so how you lot have managed is quite amazing!

So here's some of the findings...

Monday, 22 May 2017

General Erection.

Spoiler alert: there will be nudity in the upcoming comic! SHOCK!

Ah well, some sex going on between Tom and his good friend Zan isn't a particularly big spoiler. So here's a few random renders to celebrate that this is the biggest comic I've ever worked on! Yay! 165 pages now pretty much in the bag, so a personal best. Wait a minute ... Personal Best ... PB ... Project Bellerophon ... COINCIDENCE?! Anyway screw it, I'll aim for 200 pages all-in as that's a nice round number :)

Thursday, 18 May 2017


OK, blimey, thanks everyone who filled out my form (it's not too late  if you missed it) - I've had 47 people so far write great big generous gushing reviews of my work, which is really rather kind of you all! Makes me realise that people like my comics, which I kinda knew but it's always nice to have it so rambunctiously spelled out. So ... thank you!

What a kind and polite lot you are!

I'll write about the findings soon - it's been really interesting to see how people rated the different comics; I was surprised by how many scored certain

Monday, 15 May 2017


I figure all the best people learn from others; those who think they know everything tend to be dicks (sorry, but you know ... it's true!).

So to that end, and before I splurge the final chapter comic on the internet and piss off / sublime into the ether, here's a proper chance for you to be heard! Super simple (and anonymous) form below - please let me know what are my best/worst comics and why, any frustrations, any memorable...

Saturday, 13 May 2017

The problem with anonymity

So I've been emailing this guy for quite a few years now, his handle on this blog was Tittilywinks (some of you will recognise that name). He's a great guy and always polite/mature about stuff, always able to give sensible/encouraging feedback which is a blessing.

Anyway he emailed an apology months ago for not being in touch for a bit because he'd been in-and-out of hospital with a certain quite scary-sounding thing, and has now gone totally quiet.

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Glossy Wossy Num-Nums

I've been experimenting with shiny skin ... FOR SCIENCE!!!!

OK, there's no point really. Anyway, I've done a few scenes with some sweat going on, and in order not to give away spoilers I've re-rendered this old pose from comic 19 FOR SCIENCE!!!!!

For science, I tell you.

Turns out (literally science, this bit) that anistropic is the way forward when it comes to sweaty/shiny skin. I'd always thought you just used 'glossy' (one of the standard shader settings, like Blinn (?) or Phong (?!). Seriously, who comes up with these shader setting names? Must be a mathematical thing. Lambert - that's another one. I know lambert means matte finish, and blinn seems to as well. JUST USE

Wednesday, 26 April 2017


Never really got on with that cabin onboard Tom's original ship 'Chugger' - I think it was probably the very first thing I'd made in 3D. I mean it's fine, but the original renders show how basic it is - almost no textures, low poly, bad/cold lighting. Compared to the Wraith bunk scenes (which use an amazing 3d prop by Stonemason), you can see how n00b my first 3d work is.

In fact halfway through Space Trek Fleet Wars (comic 1), you can see the lighting hugely improves when I'd realised you could have raytraced shadows from spotlights! It's just at the beginning of the sex scene with the blue character Twill: - the shadows and 'depth' of the scene improve noticeably.

So here we are - for these renders I downloaded the